Monday, March 31, 2008

Quote of the day

"I haven't done anything. And all these whores," gesturing to the entire dining room, "they've all done something. And I don't know what it is!"

Nope. Not one giggle from me. Until later when she was busily eating supper with some of those "whores" and I told the charge nurse about it.

Teacher was right. Take whatever they were when they were teenagers and turn it up to 11 and that's what you get when they're senior citizens.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

If you swat my ass...

...I'll wipe yours.

Experienced my first swat on the behind from a resident the other day. Know what I did?

I laughed.

Now, maybe after it's happened 100 times, I'll be offended and tell the resident it makes me uncomfortable.

Or, maybe not.

Sexual harrassment is in the perception of the act, not in the act itself.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Taking care of each other.

I think there's a lot of emphasis on taking care of our residents. They need to be kept as healthy, safe, and comfortable as possible. What I think we need to talk about more is taking care of our co-workers. Obviously, the residents come first, but taking care of each other eliminates frustration, hard feelings and delays in caring for our residents.

In the last month, I'll bet I've heard "that's the next shift's job" at least six times. Six times too many, as far as I'm concerned. In the last month, how many times have I had to go running for something that should have been in the resident's room, but wasn't because the previous shift used it up, but didn't replace it? Probably twenty.

It would make all our lives easier if we would remember that doing one extra job might make it just a bit more efficient for the next shift. The workers probably won't notice it, but you can bet the residents will.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Too many thoughts, too little time.

The list of ideas that I want to blog about is gigantic right now. Unfortunately, I need to get off the computer and get on to my day. This is a quick list:
Funny story of the day
Residents first, co-workers a close second
Following procedure vs "getting it done"
Short staffing
Taking time to listen to the residents
Taking less time to listen to co-workers

Can't wait to get started for real.