Friday, October 28, 2011

"Selling Buicks" and Other Not So Fun Body Functions

So, we've got some kind of stomach bug making it's way around work, staff and residents included.  It's just a twenty-four hour thing, but I've been "better" for five days now and I still have waves of nausea now and then.

For the record, I worked through it.  Amazing what enough Dramamine and Immodium will do for you.  Probably why I'm still not over it.  But, everyone got taken care of Sunday and the rest of my week and no one had to cover for me.

I realize I am opening up the "working sick" can of worms again.  If we had enough help, I probably would have stayed home.  Without me there, the facility wouldn't have had the legally required amount of staff.  And, I promise you, NO ONE will cover for you on a Sunday.  So, there's probably someone who is sick just because I carried that pathogen into their room, but the rest of the facility is better off because I was there.

Rock.  Hard place.  I chose the rock.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Got Mentioned in a Post

20 Useful Online Tutorials for Nursing Assistants

Nursing Assistant Guides mentioned this blog in the above post.  I don't have time to read more today, but it looks like a good site and I'm adding it to my "Good Stuff" list for perusal on my days off.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Put THAT in Your Care Plan (NSFW)

"Mrs. A, I have your vaginal cream," the nurse said as she entered the room.

"Oh, you have cream for my cockroach?" Mrs. A asked.

(I had to stop breathing here so I wouldn't start laughing.)

"Your cockroach?" asked Nurse B.

"Yeah.  You know.  My hoo-ha," she said, waving vaguely that direction.

"It's not going to hiss at me, is it?"

"No.  It won't even bite."


How does that go in the care plan?

"Mrs. A refers to her vagina as her 'cockroach'.  All staff may refer to it in this way as well."


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Goodnight Sugar

(My friend's been out of the hospital for a few days now.  She made it up to work to get her check without oxygen the other day, so she feels she's improving.  If the doctor releases her, she'll be back to work on Wednesday, at least part time, I'd guess.)


"Mrs. A, do you need your eye drops tonight?"

"No, my eyes are feeling fine.  All I need is some goodnight sugar and I'll be ready to sleep."

So I closed my drawers and locked my cart and went to give her a hug and a kiss.


There aren't many jobs out there where hugs, kisses and laughter are desirable.  You can't get this stuff working at McDonald's or in an office cubicle.  They might pay more in cash, but they can't touch it in emotional dividends.