Sunday, October 9, 2011

Goodnight Sugar

(My friend's been out of the hospital for a few days now.  She made it up to work to get her check without oxygen the other day, so she feels she's improving.  If the doctor releases her, she'll be back to work on Wednesday, at least part time, I'd guess.)


"Mrs. A, do you need your eye drops tonight?"

"No, my eyes are feeling fine.  All I need is some goodnight sugar and I'll be ready to sleep."

So I closed my drawers and locked my cart and went to give her a hug and a kiss.


There aren't many jobs out there where hugs, kisses and laughter are desirable.  You can't get this stuff working at McDonald's or in an office cubicle.  They might pay more in cash, but they can't touch it in emotional dividends.


C said...

That is, provided that you work in an environment that does not overtly discourage or punish any form of physical contact. It seems that CNA's, RN's and social workers are more likely and willing to hug or touch their clients. It is something that ought to make others envious of you :-)

K. Tree said...

My point exactly.

I worked in an office for 16 years. Laughing was a definite no-no. You couldn't even touch another person's shoulder without worrying about a sexual harassment claim.

If I added up the kisses I've received in the last three years and then the ones I've gotten for the previous 41, I bet they'd be darn close already.