Friday, December 5, 2008

O/T I've been remiss updating this blog. Mostly because nothing new is happening. Life is moving along over the usual hills and gullies. I'm just holding on as best I can.

Today is my last day off before Christi gets here on the tenth. I'm trying to clean up the house (as much as you can when you have a home full of men and dogs). I also want to hit the grocery store. They're having a "ten pound meat sale" and I'd like to load up my deep freeze. When you have a relatively full freezer, grocery shopping on a weekly basis is much cheaper. Plus, you have something to fall back on during those weeks when cash is tight.

Brad's catching the "staff infection" that they've been passing around at work. Hopefully we can load him up with Vitamin C so he gets better quicker.

Patrick's been playing Rock Band 2 endlessly. He's making noises about wanting to buy a real drum kit and take lessons. I'll believe it when I see the kit set up in the middle of the already crowded living room. He'll probably try to put one of the love seats outside to accommodate it.

Our Christmas Party for work is the tenth. I'm looking forward to that. It's always fun to see your coworkers in a somewhat social situation.

And that's that. I've been thinking through some work related posts that I'd like to write, but none of them are coming together just now.

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