Sunday, December 6, 2009

Head Shakers

Sometimes you hear things that just make you smile and shake your head.

"You know what's wrong with her?" Mrs. A asked me, pointing to her roommate.

"No. Do you?"

"Yeah. Nothing. That's what's wrong with her. Nothing at all."


"Oh, don't take that out," Mrs. C said to the CNA taking out her hearing aid after she'd been put to bed for the night. "I might miss something."


"Now, girl. You know I just vomited in there," Mrs. D said to me. After I had given her all her pills and was taking out her trash because it was full.

It would have helped me more if I had known this before I filled her with more medicine.

Shortly after I left the room, I found out why she had vomited. The CNA comes running out of the room with a tube of lotion. "Nurse E! Mrs. D said she ate some of this. She said she thought it was ice cream!" (We have a case of the stomach flu making the rounds of staff and residents. I assumed she was just getting ready to take her turn. The resident was OK and had no other adverse reactions. She had only licked the top of the tube. Lessons learned: Never assume and don't leave things that are not food on the resident's tray table at suppertime.)

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