Saturday, February 19, 2011

Off Topic: Dogs

I can't remember when I last wrote about anything other than the nursing center...

Cliff, our terrier mix, is more intelligent than 50% of the people I know. The prize spot in the house to lay is the love seat. Only two dogs, or one human and one dog fit on it at a time. If Cliff is the "odd dog out", he will run to the lanai door, barking like every bad person in a six mile radius has converged on our backyard. When the other dogs follow him, he turns around, runs back, and lays down on the love seat.

I wonder if Jubie and Trucci will ever catch on.


Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

I love smart animals... I do. They always are so amazing. Our pets are three rats... hehehe well, they are my son's pet rats. I have bonded so much with them, and discovered how smart they are. They are never aggressive to us, they love being petted and being rewarded with carrots with peanut butter. LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your comment. Dreams can be tricky. I am paying close attention to my dreams lately, and writing stories out of those "special" dreams. I actually wrote a story about me and my mother having a conversation in a garden. A very sweet dream, fortunately. My mother passed away last year.

Have a blessed Sunday!

K. Tree said...

Thank you and more of the same to you Miss Doris.