Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glad to be back.

I've been back at work for two days. My residents seemed to be glad to see me. I was glad to see them, that's for sure. Sadly, when you take vacation, you sometimes come back to find someone has passed away. That wasn't the case this time. Everyone is intact and there are even a few new faces in the facility.

On the other hand, when you go on vacation, you hope that some of the things that weren't working so well will have resolved themselves by the time you return. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing any of that either. Oh well. At least there aren't any glaring new problems.

A couple more days here and I should be able to collect some stories to tell. The other thing about returning from vacation time is that you have to get back into the swing of things and I'm not quite there yet. I'm having enough trouble getting my work done without trying to scribble down every funny thing I hear, too.

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Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Glad you took some vacation. Time off is needed, or you will be at risk of feeling the burnout.