Friday, September 2, 2011

Memorial Book

Losing residents is the nature of the nursing center beast. You learn to cope real quick. I've created a Memorial Book where I write down anecdotes about the folks I've lost. (I'd do this online, but, you know, HIPAA and all.) It gives me a chance to remember them and do a little crying without doing it at work. I also have a page dedicated to folks who I didn't get to know because they only came to the nursing home to spend their last days.

I could collect obituaries, but writing my memories about them seems to help me more than reading what someone else wants me to read. I write it, get it out, and then I can put it in a little box where it can't bother me unless I choose to open it up and let it out again.


Dr. El said...

That's a really lovely idea, K. Tree, and one I'll be passing along to others. Thanks for sharing it.

Dr. El

K. Tree said...

You bet. Thanks for stopping by.