Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dating Coworkers

I'm absolutely against coworkers dating.  And, yes, I am a hypocrite because I have worked at several jobs with my husband over the years.  I'm still against it.

This is coming up because we have a boomerang CNA who likes to date coworkers.  Who likes to live with coworkers.  And then, when the break up happens, it rocks the nursing center.  People quit, people take sides, people try to run other people off.  It's stupid, disruptive, and frustrating.  Can you imagine what the resident's think?

I could tell you, but you'd be surprised at how raunchy our elders can be.  Let's just say that whatever you just thought about it, they've already thought a hundred times before.  And their executive function is not what it used to be, so some of them just say it.  Loud.  Because they can't hear.  But a lot of other folks can.

If you simply must date a coworker, you should conduct your relationship so no one else you work with knows about it.  I worked with a couple for nearly a year before I knew they were a couple.  Even after I knew, they didn't do anything at work that indicated they were living together.  They kept their work and their home lives separate.  As it should be.

Regardless of that one good example, I've seen, oh, probably five couples break up since I started working as a CNA.  It's not good for anyone.  It hurts the residents, the rest of the staff, and the business itself.  Better to avoid it altogether.  It's a big world out there.  Find someone else to date.

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