Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Inservices v/s Bad Inservices

We have an inservice twice a month on payday. Sometimes, they're good. Like the day I got retested for my CPR and First Aid certification. Sometimes they're nothing but low-level donkey barbecues that I wish I could avoid. Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing in advance what we're going to get.

A good inservice should include:
  • new information we might need to function in our jobs
  • a refresher or testing on an aspect of our jobs
  • maybe a reminder about some things that we've let slip
  • kudos for the things we've done well

Any criticism should be done in private between the DON or ADON and the employees directly involved. Throwing this kind of stuff out in front of the entire Nursing Center staff is counterproductive. We should leave an inservice feeling good about ourselves, ready to make improvements and utilize any new information we've been given. We shouldn't leave feeling persecuted, frustrated or depressed.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'd never heard of a donkey bbq before. Now that I've googled it and know what it is, I'll have to start using the phrase more often. =)

K. Tree said...

Yes, this is a full service blog. You never know what you'll learn here.

Actually, one of my residents gave me that phrase. It's a slightly more civilized term than what I've used in the past. :)

Anonymous said...

Our inservices are on things we already know, and they only say we are doing a good job if we have a good inspection, a bad inspection, watch out!!!!!!