Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thoughts X 3

Sorry I missed last week. I tried several times to put something down, but it just wasn't happening. I was going to write about my experience of being in the room as one of my residents crossed over, but the truth is that there was nothing to say about it. I was sad, but not unduly so. We were aware that the resident was going to pass, so it wasn't an emergency or a surprise. They went quietly; just a couple gasps as their soul left their body. The family was there and so was their Pastor. We were praying as they left this world. Really, as first experiences go, it was unremarkable. Frankly, watching them pass was much easier than the previous week had been, watching them struggle for breath.

On a separate note, there are some people who just shouldn't be working in a Nursing Center. I think you need to be soft, forgiving and willing to absorb a little abuse. These loud, brassy, hard-edged types really should be working in a mental hospital or a prison. There's no place for that in a Nursing Center. But in an environment where we're desperate for help, I guess we can't be too choosy. I do sometimes get tired of trying to smooth over the ruffled feathers, though.

Final thought. We were asked to do a time-study for our position and shift. Because I like to do these kinds of things, I just did one for all of us. We all signed it, so they would know we all approved it. Still, this smacks of them wanting to reduce staff. While I admit it isn't impossible to work with two med aides, it's significantly more difficult. It also means that I don't get to take a lunch break most days. I'm hoping that this is not the case. The DON said it was so that she could update job descriptions. I guess I'll wait and see.

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