Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally, back online.

Jeez. Sorry for the ridiculous delay. I'm back online. Permanently, as long as I pay the cable bill. :) Give me a couple days. I've been on vacation from work, but we've moved residences and I'm up to my ears in stress.

Here's a funny conversation I had before going on vacation.

Mrs. A is a bossy lady. She's ex-military and she used to work in a Nursing Center. Nothing gets by her. She's also mean as snot and that means she's one of my favorites.

Mrs. A: Well, your hair is just in a little ball on the back of your head. It must not be any longer than your shoulders.

Me: Actually, it's pretty long. It's just fine and I don't have a lot of it. Next time I come to work with it down, I'll come and show you. (For the record, this only happens when inservice day falls on my day off.)

Mrs. A: If you come to work with your hair down, I'll send you home.

Guess she told me. :)

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