Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sometimes I wonder...

...what on earth has happened on the previous shift, based on my resident's comments.

I had a resident tell me yesterday that they needed to talk to one of my cohorts from the morning crew and could I let them know.

I explained that I wouldn't see them before then, but that I would leave them a note.

The resident then proceeded to say how they wanted to apologize because they had made it hard on the CNA and they felt bad.

My response was along the lines of, "You can apologize if you want to, but you don't have to. We understand that this is a rough time in your life. We just want to get you well and get you out of this joint." (Yes, I often refer to the Nursing Center as "this joint". I know it's a prison reference. I was just trying to insert a little levity into a serious and painful conversation.)

Obviously, the resident got a negative vibe from that CNA, whether any words were exchanged or not.

I don't understand how we can profess to be "there for the residents" and then still manage to make them feel bad when they take up our time.

In any event, I think the resident felt better after that. I hope so, anyway.

Separate note: Inservice is today. Pray for me.

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