Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Steps

"Culture Change" is one of those things that Administration has been talking about for well over a year, but we haven't seen anything change at all, much less the culture.  Finally, we have an ETA on our first step.  The first week of March, we are changing to restaurant style dining.

The residents got together and picked a name for the "restaurant".  We will have one CNA who will waitress during meals.  If the residents want to choose their meal, they have to come to the dining room, otherwise, they will get whatever the meal of the day is.  We're told that this will reduce the need for appetite stimulant medication and that folks will start gaining weight so we can discontinue the use of extra "shakes" or protein powders as they get back to "normal".  It will also eliminate the need to rush everyone to the dining room by 4:45, since they'll be able to eat when they want within the designated meal times.  It will also eliminate the snack cart except for the bedtime round because the resident will be able to go in and ask for a snack whenever the "diner" is open.

The other thing, which doesn't affect me since I work second shift, is that the residents don't have to be woken up in the morning and rushed down to breakfast.  They have until 1000 to eat.  No more of this "get your 5 residents up before you leave" for the third shift CNA's.  No more residents who can't get their appetites going in the morning.  They should all be able to get up and eat when they're hungry.

I'm sure we'll spend the month of March working the kinks out, but regardless, I'm excited.


K. Tree said...

Dr. El, in case you come back and look, I accidentally deleted your comment. I will keep y'all updated on how this goes.

C said...

It's lovely to hear that staff seems to be excited as well. Changes are hard if those in charge do not believe things will work. Good luck!