Monday, February 13, 2012

Ugh. Confession Time.

So, I got scratched, slapped, and bit the other day.  I accomplished my objective, but neither one of us was happy.

The confession is that, at the time, I wished they would have broken a tooth when they bit me.  Not because it would teach them a lesson, because at this stage of their disease-process, they aren't capable of learning.  Solely for revenge.

I can't be the only one who feels this way.  Still, it bothers me when I feel like I'm losing control.  Wishing punishment on someone is not the same as meting it out myself, but thoughts are things and can become actions.

I'm only human, but I expect to be better than that.


Dr. El said...

Vacation time, perhaps? I know I need a vacation when I start thinking "this psychotherapy isn't doing anybody a bit of good." When I come back, I realize how valuable it is, and my residents tell me too.

K. Tree said...

I'm on my weekend now. Two days off doesn't sound like much but, when I get back to work Wednesday, at least 5 of my folks are going to tell me they missed me and I'm going to get several hugs and kisses. All will be well. :)

C said...

It's only normal to think or feel that way sometimes. The fact that you are aware of your own thoughts and feelings is a sign that you ARE good.

I know I need a break when my patients begin to sound more positive and reassuring than I do :-)

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Burnout--we all nursing home workers experience it. I like your reflection and you honesty.


P.S. I wonder if you may want to get rid of the word verification, when we leave a message. It's so hard to read those characters. For more info, check out my friend's blog post:

Have a great week!

K. Tree said...

Doris, I didn't even know it was doing this. I'm reading the post right now and I'll get this switched. I don't publish any comments without reviewing them and I have spam detection on, so word verification IS a waste of time.