Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Love / Hate Relationships

I find it interesting how many of my residents have love/hate relationships with their roommates. Mostly the women. With the men, they just kind of tolerate each other or ignore each other altogether. But the girls. Oh boy.

Every time Resident A says anything, Resident B (on the other side of the curtain) makes a face and shakes her head at me. But when Resident A was in the hospital, Resident B asked about her constantly and was upset until she got back.

Resident C just moved in with Resident D. They are constantly telling me that the other one needs a sleeping pill. Resident C tried to tell me that Resident D needs "special services" which I interpreted as "mental hospital". But the other night, Resident D had kicked off her sheets and Resident C had to call me in to ask me if she was OK and if she was warm enough.

Is it just that they can't throw off that caregiver role or do they actually love each other? We may never know.

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