Monday, September 22, 2008

Vertically challenged again and other stuff.

Yes, we were short last night. And first shift had been short, too. When I came on shift, there were four call lights on down my hall and three of them were people needing to be cleaned up because they had had diarrhea. Not only did I get the short end of the stick, it was shitty, too. (Please wait while I laugh at my own joke.)

Anyway, to compound this, I had a migraine yesterday. It came complete with a visual aura before the pain hit. The last time I had a visual aura was before we left Illinois, so previous to October 2002. For some reason my migraines are increasing in both number and intensity. I'm not sure if I'm feeling more stress or if my hormones are out of whack. I'm fixing to make some adjustments in my diet in an effort to lose 17 more pounds by the end of the year. Hopefully the change in diet and the weight loss will bring the migraines back down to one or two a month instead of however many I've had in the last month. (It might be five.)

In any event, today is payday, so tomorrow I plan on buying a much needed pair of work shoes. The support hose I bought seem to be helping lessen the leg pain I feel at the end of the night. The addition of new shoes should make me even more comfortable. Then maybe working short-handed will hurt a little less.

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