Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If working doubles triggers my migraines...

...I'm not going to volunteer for them any more.

Sunday I worked a double on the med cart. I had time to eat both lunch and supper, so low blood sugar was not a trigger, but the weather was lousy on Monday. Anyway, when I woke up Monday morning, Madame Migraine was there with her whips and chains. Nasty old hag.

Anyway, I'm scheduled for another double on Saturday. I'll know Sunday morning if this is going to be an issue or not. I think I'm more of a marathoner (working many days in a row without a day off) versus a sprinter (working doubles) anyway.


allie d said...

How did that double workout? No migrain I hope.

K. Tree said...

I got one, but it was only a 4 hour one, not all day. I don't plan on pulling any more doubles, I'll just work extra days during my own shift.