Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tubes and Insulin

So, the next step for me would be to learn how to do tube feedings and medication through tubes and insulin. They were offering a class, but I think it's out in Weatherford and I don't really want to drive that far.

Having said that, there was some discussion from the nurses "not letting" us do their insulin. "Do you know how fast you can kill someone with insulin?" And all I'm thinking is, yes, but we wouldn't be handling the residents whose blood sugars fluctuate wildly. We'd be handling the ones who occasionally need a little boost of insulin to keep them in line. And surely we'd have the sense to get advice if we were concerned about how the resident had been eating that day or whatever. Also, I'm thinking that the Digoxin we give at noon and the blood pressure meds we give in the evening are just as dangerous.

I understand where they're coming from. Ultimately, the health of the residents falls on their shoulders. I'd just like to be given a little credit for being intelligent enough to ask for help before I overdosed a resident on insulin.

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