Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shift work

I love working second shift. I always have, even when I worked in an office. There's something about having the morning to do what I want that makes me happy. Also, when you're at work, it has the most natural rhythm. It's busy when you come in to work, but then slows down as the night goes on.

First shift is rough because you are running two-forty the entire shift. Get them up, feed them, activities or nap time then do the whole thing all over again. The least little delay throws your entire schedule off.

Third shift is the hardest of the three. It starts out slow, but then, just when you're really getting tired, you have to start running to get people up for the day. No wonder they have to offer a shift differential to get folks to work that shift.

Everything else being equal, I'll take second shift every time.

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