Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pain and the Weather

I always have to have a reason for everything. If my ladies are hurting, I want to figure out why. A lot of times I blame it on the weather, since the humidity and barometric pressure and all that seem to have an effect on our bodies.

For a couple of weeks during the summer, I looked at the Aches and Pains Index on to see if their chart coincided with my distribution of pain pills.


They had the index at 3 or 4 (which is low) on all the days I felt like I was going to exhaust my supplies of Lortab.

That said, one of my ladies always starts hurting about two days out from bad weather. In the two years I've been giving her meds, she's the only one who's been completely consistent. Once the storm is breaking, she's doing really well.

My own experience is much like hers. If I'm going to get a migraine, it's more likely to happen when the weather is getting ready to change than during bad weather. Sunny, windy days about two days out from a storm will do me in almost every time.

In any case, I'm thinking that I can't be blaming the weather any more. Now, when they're hurting, I tell them, "Does it help to know you're not alone? Everyone's hurting or upset today." Usually the answer is "no". But it does give us something to talk about.

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