Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Cold of the Season

Well, I finally caught it.  Everyone around me has been sick at least once since September, some two or three times.  Now, I'm sick.

No fever, so I'll be going to work.  We don't get sick pay and it's Sunday.  Even if I could afford it, there isn't anyone who will cover for me on a Sunday.

I still have my tonsils, so it's resting in my throat.  I'm trying to avoid taking any cold medicine, so I'm treating myself with lots of tea during the day.  At night before I go to bed, it's a shot of Jack and a spoonful of honey.  I don't know if it's helping, but I'm not all fuzzy headed like I would be if I were taking OTC cold meds.  I'd rather feel sick than like my head is floating somewhere three feet away from my body.

I've got four days off in a row coming up this week.  I can tough it out for three more days.  If my coworker who got in a car accident is released to come back to work, I might even have six in a row.  That, I fear, is a pipe dream, but we'll see.

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