Saturday, December 3, 2011

Some Things are More Important...

"Mrs. A was unresponsive this morning.  We sent her out.  I think they're sending her back."

This is what I was told as soon as I came on shift yesterday.

A little later, the nurse came and gave me the paperwork and told me she was coming back.  I figured she was going to be sick and worn out, so I got her bed ready and laid out her night gown so we could get her back to bed.

I got busy passing ice and snacks and when I looked at my watch, an hour and a half had passed.  I started heading for the nurse's station, thinking that maybe something had happened and they decided to keep her.  As I'm walking down the hall, here comes Mrs. A, peddling herself back up the hall with an armload of trinkets.

"Hi Honey!" she called to me.  "I won three times at Bingo!"

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