Saturday, June 7, 2008

Health Advice for Nursing-Type Folks

It amazes me that there is almost no information on the Web about healthy living for nursing-type folks. I'd love to see information about how to eat during a shift without resorting to the pop and candy machine. I'd like a list of herbal supplements that help with energy and immune system issues. I'd like to see suggested exercises that offset the bending and lifting we do. Funny how there's nothing out there about how the person in health care can care for their own health.

I guess all this stuff is really common sense. I could do the research myself if I broke it down into smaller subjects (eating when there's no time to sit down, herbals supplements for energy and immune function, exercises to offset bending and lifting), but I think it'd be nice to see it all in one place.

Maybe I'll start collecting information and do an occasional post that has real information. You know, just to offset the posts about farting and other lovely body functions.

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