Monday, June 16, 2008

Yoga after work.

I've been (sporadically) doing a little yoga after work before going to bed:

I didn't do it last night. We had been short-staffed, I didn't even have time to take a lunch, and I was worn out. So, I just got in my jammies and went to bed.

Bad, bad idea.

This morning I feel like a bunch of rocks and nerve endings being jostled around in a leather bag.

Anyway, this is a nice, short little routine. Honestly, I don't do the last two moves. I don't have room to do the spine twist in my tiny little bedroom and the last time I did the corpse pose, I fell asleep on the floor. But, I believe it has helped me get up relatively pain-free on the mornings when I have done it the night before.

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