Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Advice

Last night, one of my residents kept asking if I needed any help. I was passing meds, so there wasn't really anything they could help me with. Sometimes, if we're working the floor, we can find something for the residents to do: fold towels or pillowcases, push the linen bin from room to room, etc.

Later that night, the resident was my last med pass. I went to their room and they asked if I had time to visit. So, I sat down with them and scored an excellent back rub and some advice.

"Now, when you go home tonight, go to bed. Don't do all that stuff you usually do. Let them do for themselves. They work, but you work, too. In fact, you give them a little back rub and then have them give you one, too."

This from a resident that has severe dementia and occasionally violent behaviors. Good advice is good advice regardless of the source.

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