Sunday, February 1, 2009

Working with a Migraine.

Yesterday was one of the few times I've wondered if I should just call in sick. My head was on fire, my stomach was upset and I was DIZZY. I couldn't even eat. But I went to work because I know a migraine isn't contagious and maybe it would let up as the day went on.

It did. A little. But then work was rough. Only two med aides when we're used to having three. I ended up doing one long med pass from 1545 to 2200. No breaks, no supper. I made it through the day on a half a piece of dry toast, half a can of diet Pepsi, thirty-two ounces of Gatorade and four graham crackers. I did eat some Mexican appetizer thing-y's with salsa and sour cream after work, so I probably had enough calories after the fact.

I'm better today and though I did make an error, it wasn't resident affecting. We just had to destroy a narcotic that I punched in error. I started crying anyway, just because I was stretched so thin. But the nurses teased me back to center and I made it through the night.

A person needs a strong constitution and thick skin to do this job. Maybe that's why so many people drop out of this career to do "easier" work.

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