Saturday, February 28, 2009

Remembering who we work for.

When I get frustrated, which is often, I usually get zapped in the behind by whomever is in charge of reminding me why I'm here. God, Goddess, the One, the Source, the Divine...whatever.

We reduced staff recently which means my workload as a medication aide increased by 50%. On the bright side, this should net us more CNA's to work the floor. On the not-so-bright side, this means that someone is always getting their medication later than they should. As I was lamenting this one day, I had a resident thank me for taking care of them. I didn't do anything special, just pulled them up in bed and adjusted their pillows. Still, scoring a "thank you" and the glow of pride that goes along with it, is worth the guilt I feel at being late.

Management thinks they know what I do, but they don't, really. Frankly, I don't work for them anyway. My bosses are the residents. My one year anniversary was yesterday. When I get my review, it will be from management, not from my real bosses. The "thank yous" are worth more than any monetary reward or hollow "atta girl" I might get from them anyway.

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