Friday, March 20, 2009

When overwhelmed, pick a tree.

Let me confess to one of the Seven Deadly Sins: Hubris. I tend to think that I'm an above average worker. When I'm feeling less proud, I could point out all the things that I do wrong or could be doing better, but for the purpose of this blog entry, let's just assume that I really am as good as I think I am. (Ha!)

The past few weeks have been a challenge. I feel like no matter how much good I try to do, it's overshadowed by all the bad going on around me. I know that we're all stressed out over the changes coming down the pike. We're due for "State" to come in for our yearly review, which always causes stress in itself. We have a new Administrator and our DON is stretched to the breaking point. It wouldn't surprise me if I came on here in a month or two and announced that I was getting to know a new DON. We've lost some employees and haven't replaced them with new ones yet. The economy is bad and the sky is falling.

But, ultimately, the goal is to keep our residents as healthy and comfortable as possible. Sometimes you need to buck up and do your job despite the avalanche coming down around you. Somehow, I feel I'm the only one who sees this. The rest seem to just let themselves get buried.

The saying "...can't see the forest for the trees" has negative connotations. However, when the avalanche is rumbling toward you, sometimes focusing on a tree is what will get you through. Concentrating on the details and getting at least one thing done before starting the next will save us from being completely buried.

Today, I'm going to worry about the tree. Eventually, I'll make it through the entire forest. It just may take longer than I originally planned.

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