Monday, November 8, 2010

Funny how we get conditioned... a thing and then react the same way regardless of what is actually happening around us.

***Whiny post warning!***

We've had several DON's since I began working at the Nursing Center. I usually refer to inservice as our "bi-monthly flogging". This is because the other DON's used it to tell us everything we had been doing wrong and to generally make us feel like we were the worst Nursing Department to ever exist.

I'm not saying that this never happens now. When it does, it's usually the Administrator running it. (Can I say that I don't like her and I'll be glad when she moves on to bigger and better things?) But, generally, when the current DON is in charge, it's more of a discussion of things we could do better than a "Hey, you losers, this is everything you've done wrong for the last two weeks" kind of meeting.

And yet, I still cringe when I have to go to inservice. In fact, I have often thought I would gladly give up my Medication Aide certificate just so I could be working the floor instead of sitting in there with my head bowed.

The worst is having to go to inservice on my day off (like today). It cuts my day in half. I spend the first half fretting about what's going to be said to us and the other half wondering why I keep going back if nothing I do is right.

On the bright side, I will get paid. And then I can grocery shop, which I LOVE to do. And if the DON is running it, I might actually get a suggestion for something I could do better instead of lash marks across my back.

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