Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why not take them home?

I sometimes wonder why some of our residents are in the Nursing Home at all.

We have family members who never seem to leave. While this is great, and the resident seems to love it, why not just bring them home? If they have time to be there all the time and diddle around making arrangements to have other people come in and be with the resident, why not do this at home where it's cheaper and the resident will be happier and more comfortable?

I think it's great when the residents have lots of visitors. I'm glad we have family members who check up on us and make sure we are on our toes. But if they have time to be with the resident 12 to 16 hours a day, they need to take the resident home and arrange for home health care to come in and assist them. It's a healthier and less stressful environment for the resident and it's healthier and less stressful for the family members, too.


Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

I agree with you. But then, those family members wouldn't have cna's or nurses or social workers to take their frustrations and guilt on!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I think Resident/Family feel more comfotable "bouncing off" many people. It diffuses things a bit, I think, for them. Some people don't do well with the intensity of a just a 1:1 caregiver. Believe it or not they may prefer the "drama"/living on the edge feeling in a nursing home. They can outsource "help" from many instead of a few. They can also exercise "independent/alone" muscels in their brains and their bodies without "emotional family involvement". But I agree that sometimes family think that the "end" is eminent. Residents ends up staying for 4 years in a Nursing Home. Thir committment to Long term confinement was made prematurely!

K. Tree said...

There's the guilt factor, too. A couple of these families seem to be punishing themselves because their loved ones broke a hip or something while at home and now they want to make sure nothing "bad" happens to them at the nursing home.