Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Woo Hoo!

Sometimes things just work in your favor.

I've been wishing for three days off in a row for quite a while. The last time I had more than two days off in a row was in May when I took my vacation. I try not to ask for too many favors because:
A.) I don't like "owing" anyone anything.
B.) When I really want/need something, I want to be able to get it.

So, I've been trying to tough it out until December when (hopefully) I will be taking 4 days in a row off while my sister is here.

Well, I just had Sunday and Monday off. Today I get a phone call. They're making some last minute schedule changes and wanted to know if I wanted today off.

Yee Haw!!

Of course, I got all my chores done, so I have nothing to officially "do", but that's just fine. I think today will be a good day to bake some bread and coffee cake and whatever else I have the ingredients to make. I'd turn a cartwheel, but then I'd have to go back to the doctor and I've had about all I can take of her for a while.

Amazing what an extra eight hours of freedom does for your attitude.

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