Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And into the trash they went

OK. The shoes had to go. Considering I only spent $13.00 on them, they lasted a long time. I think I should have gotten rid of them a couple months ago, however.

I'm planning on spending good money on a new pair next week. In the meantime, my running shoes are doubling as my work shoes. And since I spend a lot of time running at work, it's fitting.


We have a new lady who can no longer speak, but cries out a lot. I'm hoping this will stop once she gets used to her new home.

The other day, Mrs. A was interrupted by a howl from Mrs. B.

"I'm glad that's not me," Mrs. A said (who has been known to let out a scream herself, now and again).

(Mm. That might be a "location" joke. But I thought it was hilarious.)


Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

That's funny because I have also been struggling with my new tennis shoes. My old ones were so worn out, and I was excited last week when I got my new shoes. But when I walked on the treadmill for the second time, I got blisters. Had to go back to my oldies. Today I tried my new shoes again, exclaiming while I was putting them on: "I will break you down!" LOL


K. Tree said...

Moleskin is your friend.