Thursday, April 24, 2008

Full staff again! And being an old fart.

I may stop commenting on the full staff. The last time, I believe I paid for it by having to work an extra shift in the following days.

Aside from free food, nothing makes me happier than having enough warm bodies around. I like looking out a resident's door for help and being able to call out to someone instead of actually having to run around to find someone or to ask one of the nurses to help me.

Which brings me to another point entirely: being forty has it's advantages. While I realize that the nurses have more education than me and different responsibilities, I have no qualms about asking them for CNA-capacity help. Only once was I denied, and that was by a nurse who had injured her back and was not supposed to help lift. Now I just ask if they are allowed to lift before I ask for help if I don't know them. I know some of the younger CNA's are nervous about asking for help just because the nurses are older and "wiser" than they are. Meh. I'm older than some of the nurses.

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