Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jet Propulsion

If you've been a CNA (or NA or LPN or RN or whatever) for more than a week, you know that people pass gas and usually very loudly. I figure that it's just part of being a mammal and I don't comment on it.

What's funny is how many of the residents find it hilarious and comment-worthy.

"I pooted," said one resident when she farted while I was helping her out of her recliner. I heard it, but she needed to announce it. I told her it was just jet-propulsion helping her out of her chair.

The one night I was walking past a room. There were several residents in the room talking and one of them belched very loudly. There was silence for about two seconds and then they all erupted into laughter and congratulated the perpetrator on a fine burp.

I'm pretty sure we're all twelve years old mentally until the day we die.

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