Monday, August 4, 2008

106 degrees in the shade

That's what it's supposed to be today. The nice thing about working second shift is that I'm in the air-conditioning during the hottest part of the day (about 5:00 pm).

On the other hand, some of the residents LOVE it. At least the ones without breathing problems. The one's with breathing problems stay in their rooms with the doors closed and the air conditioning full blast. The rest of them open their windows and let the heat in. For a little while, they're not cold. That is until it's time for supper and we have to go down "freezing alley" to get to the dining room. Traveling down the hallway always gives them the shivers.

Despite the heat, I have some residents who just can't get warm. One of the ladies had two sweatshirts on yesterday. Meanwhile, my hair was wet with sweat when I took it down after work last night. After a couple minutes, I had to go sit outside to wait for my ride because it was too cold to stay indoors.

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