Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eating at work

My grandma was an RN. Her rule was: when you're at work, eat dessert first. Then, if you only have time to eat one thing off your plate, it's the thing with the most calories. She taught me this when I was about seven years old as we sat eating lunch at Andy's diner.

It seems funny to me that now that advice is still true and we haven't gotten any better staffed as an industry in all those years.

But anyway, I thought of this because last night I ate half my dinner while standing up and watching the clock. I think I downed it in less than 3 minutes. The other half of my dinner went back to the kitchen. Dessert was cookies and they were dipped in my Arnie Palmer and inhaled first. Then I ate the bread and chicken tenders and ran my tray to the dining room.

I wonder how many meals my grandma ate the same way as I ate mine last night?

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