Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ten in a row

This has been a wild month. I'm just past the middle of working ten days in a row. By the end of the month, between those 7 days of classes (eight hours a day) and work, I will have worked twenty-seven of the 31 days. One of my days off this month will be the thirty-first.

I'm not really complaining. The money has been helpful and that class will allow me to become a CMA come September, but I am tired and I think the early migraine this month is due to me pushing it too hard.

Next month, I'm not applying for any extra shifts. They'll have to call me in to get me to work. Fortunately, most of the extra shifts are on 6-2 and I can't work that shift without some serious finagling of my life and the purchase of a second vehicle. What I might be able to do is go in a couple hours early to help get folks back from lunch and settled for the afternoon. Frankly, it would work to my advantage because I'd know that everyone was clean and dry at the start of my shift.

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