Monday, July 28, 2008

Money for services rendered

My work involves many nasty little jobs that the average person would not want to be around for, much less actually do. Cleaning up urine, feces and vomit grosses most people out and it's embarrassing for the resident, too. However, I am getting paid and hourly wage to do it. I do it every day that I am on shift. Why residents offer me "tips" is beyond me. And I have one resident who won't take no for an answer.

So, my solution has been to inform this resident's family what's going on, advise my charge nurse and just take the money. Then, I put it back while the resident's in the bathroom or dining room or I hand it over to a family member if they come in that day. I don't have time to argue and if I don't take it, the resident is on the call-light every ten minutes until I do.

I have discovered that there's no explaining to some folks that I do this because I love it. I can guarantee you it's not about the money. If I wanted to make more money, the Flying J is hiring at $10.00 an hour and probably offering overtime at time and a half. When my resident's are warm, dry, comfortable and satisfied, it's worth a winning lottery ticket to me. Payment enough.

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K. Tree said...

I really hate when I find a typo in an old post. Really.