Saturday, January 24, 2009

O/T Four Dog Night

Brad is out of town for his birthday. Our bedroom is on the north side of the house. Now, we've had a really mild winter so far. A couple cold days followed by four or five warm days. (This is Oklahoma, though, so what I call winter doesn't generally start until January and it ends on March first. Everything else is spring or fall until it's summer which lasts from April through most of October.)

Anyway, the wind switched yesterday and by the time I got home, the wind chill was 11 and it felt like it was about 45 degrees in my bedroom, even with the heater on. So, I took ALL the blankets (6 total) and piled them on me. That's about when the canines started wandering in. By the time I woke up this morning, I was toasty and had three boxers and a doolah on the bed with me. They must have liked it, because after the morning potty break, they all went back to the bed.

From the weather reports, it looks like winter is finally officially here. No more 65 degree days to spoil us. We may even get an ice storm on Monday depending on how feisty Mother Nature is feeling. And then some rain later in the week. We need the precipitation since it's been pretty dry this year. I'm sure the farmers growing winter wheat are stressing about the lack of moisture. Hopefully we'll get enough rain this week to give their crops a boost.

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