Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nothing funny happened last night...

...and nothing interesting. For once, it was what I'd consider a "normal" shift. We were only short one person in the Med room, we had enough nurses and enough CNA's. Everyone got taken care of and most of the shift went smoothly.

I have, however, started keeping a log of the shifts I'm working. Anything that does happen, I'm making notes of and writing it down in full when I get home. It takes extra time, but I think it will be of help to me in the long run. I know I should have started this earlier, but I just didn't see the benefit in it. The more responsibility I get (being in the med room) the more I feel like I might want something to use as back up in case something goes wrong. Plus, it makes a good mind dump after I get home, so I don't go to bed thinking about work.

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