Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Old Man Winter...

...just crashed the party.

We knew it was coming. We would have known even if the weather folks hadn't told us. We were giving out PRN pain pills like they were candy.

Last night it was warm, not much breeze, just a nice evening. This morning, the wind is howling out of the north and I imagine it's COLD. (I haven't gone outdoors yet.) Hopefully, this will afford the folks some relief. Of course, the ones who hurt when it's cold out will still be hurting today.

"Cold" is relative. We've been enjoying days in the high 70's. Today it's not supposed to get to 60. Not cold for Chicago, but cold for Oklahoma.

This is a temporary win for the frosty dude. It's supposed to get back up to 70 in a couple days.

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