Monday, October 20, 2008

"Well, she wouldn't stop screaming."

And that, said in a very reasonable voice, was the explanation for why she slapped her. Of course, she was screaming because the "slapper" had a hold of her arm and wouldn't let go. So the "slappee" screamed and got it right in the kisser. And then she screamed again.

If the incident had happened in a vacuum, it would have been funny. My problem with it is that the other resident's who witnessed it were upset. The two residents involved will probably not remember it this morning. The other residents will and will probably still be talking about it at breakfast.

I asked the nurse if it constituted a trip to the psyche ward to level out the "slapper's" meds. Because it didn't escalate into an uncontrollable situation, they won't send her. Unfortunately, folks, this is what happens when your brain shrinks. And it will, just because it's part of the aging process. How much it shrinks depends on so many factors that there's no way to control all of them. Limit your alcohol consumption, exercise, eat your veggies, and hope for the best. And try not to scream in mixed company.

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