Friday, October 17, 2008

You can never get "too attached".

We lost a resident yesterday. One of the CNA's was crying and said, "I'm gonna have to quit this place one day. I get too attached."

"If you don't get attached, you can't do a good job," I told her.

I think that's true. In a nursing center, you are there to keep people as happy, comfortable and healthy as possible. But, let's face it, the bottom line is that the majority of people who are in a nursing home are there to wait to die. Once in a while we get someone in who just needs some rehab and then will go home, but not often. You can't be standoffish with these folks. Many of them want their hands held, want to get hugs and want the occasional smooch. Denying them that does nothing but make their "not so great" existence even more miserable. And you can't do those things if you're not "attached".

Don't even talk to me about spreading germs. Unless we put them all in solitary confinement, germs are going to be spread. Hugs and kisses aren't going to make one iota of difference except maybe to make them happier and that alone helps boost their immune systems.

In any event, I'm for being attached. So what if you cry when they are hurt, sick or pass on? We have emotions so we can express ourselves. No one wants to live a monotone life and no one wants to be around someone who does.

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